Jodie Foster comes out!

Jodie Foster comes out, sorta
by Ethan Jacobs
staff reporter
Thursday Dec 6, 2007

Maybe it was that Out magazine cover, or maybe it just felt right, but Jodie Foster finally came out of the closet, more or less, on Tuesday while receiving an award at the Women in Entertainment Breakfast. The Los Angeles Daily News reports that Foster thanked "my beautiful Cydney who sticks with me through all the rotten and the bliss," which likely refers to her long-rumored partner, Cydney Bernard.

Does this mean we’re going to see Jodie give a tear-soaked interview to Diane Sawyer, write some god-awful memoir about her life in the closet ("Silence of the Lez"? "The Well of Jodieness"?), and go on a tour giving keynote speeches at HRC dinners across the country? God, I hope not. I’m all for out and proud celebs who aren’t afraid to talk about LGBT rights (Sir Ian McKellen and Sheryl Swoopes come immediately to mind), but Jodie’s determination to keep her private life private has always struck me more as classy than closety, and I can’t imagine that her desire for privacy will change now that she’s confirmed what we pretty much knew all along.

I’m guessing she’ll follow the Nathan Lane/Neil Patrick Harris/Michael Stipe school of celebrity coming out by letting the world know that yes, she’s partnered to a woman, but that she’d much rather talk about her work. At a time when every Hollywood celebrity seems to be starring in their own reality show or having their photos splattered all over Perez Hilton or In Touch Weekly, Jodie’s reserve is a welcome change. I’ll take Jodie Foster over Tila Tequila any day.

source: Bay Windows


Here is the cover of Out magazine:

Out Magazine Cover