Bkkles'ers Are Getting Hitched!


I want to announce some awesome news! Two of our members are getting married! I found out recently that Anna proposed to Lynn and so I did a bit of an email interview with them. Here's the results:

Cee: How did you meet?

Anna:  Lynn saw me on Khao San on a girls night out where she saw me and thought I was hot stuff (true) and from that moment on she must have hunted me down on the lesbian scene! he he. (I wish!) Actually we met properly in E-Fun through a mutual friend (shout out to Agent Lou!) and even though I chickened out of asking her out I was constantly in attendance at lesbian events in the hope that she might be there! 

Lynn: Ha ha..so true! I saw her singing Zombie (shocker!) on stage and thought 'She could be interesting!'. After a bit of Facebook manipulation I managed to get her on a date.

Cee: How long have you been together?

Anna: We have been together for a year and a half but I always say two years because I am a lesbian and like to move these things forward!

Cee: How and when did you propose?

Lynn: Anna took me to a beautiful resort on Koh Chang for Songkran. At sunset she arranged flowers into a heart and placed the ring in the center. All was going to plan until nerves got the better of her. After a disjointed sentence, something similar to 'ummm...love you...so..yeh...urgh...marry me?' I accepted (and cried). It was a beautiful mix of awkwardness and romance.

Cee: Did you talk about doing it before hand?

Anna:  Yeah we had talked about it before but we gave no hints as to when, where or who would propose.

Lynn: Even though we had talked about getting engaged we were both still overwhelmed by the emotion of it when it happened.

Cee: Do you have plans for the wedding yet? Where/When/Etc?

Anna:  We would like a small outdoor wedding at home in Scotland next year. 

Cee: Have you told your family? How did they respond?

Lynn: My family were thrilled. In fact my mum proudly blabbed all over Facebook before I'd even had a chance to tell anyone else! My family have always been very supportive. Both my mum and brother have met Anna and agree I'm on to a winner with this one! Ha ha.

Anna: Obviously my family were already in the loop about the engagement but were still really excited when I called to tell them the answer! They have met Lynn and love her - I think they can see the change in me since I met her :-)

Congrats to the happy couple :) :)