New Shop in BKK For Toms

Apparently there's a new shop for toms near Central Lad Prao. This is an article which appeared in the Bangkok Post a few days ago...

A lot of men laughed while many girls got the giggles upon seeing the banner display in front of the shop. It was also common to see passersby walking back in wonder to look at the ad again. It was an advertisement for vests, which weren’t ordinary vests but bare necessities for a tomboy.


‘‘At first people probably thought it was crazy,’’ said Supamas ‘Jean’ Sirimoungkalavanit, owner of Tom Chic shop. ‘‘It was quite understandable to get such responses because tomswear was something new to them.’’

The tomswear collection of stretch vests, boxer shorts and fashionable shirts were sold on the internet before Jean opened the small outlet at The One shopping centre last year. Its considerable e-commercial success demonstrated a demand for tomboy clothing, especially boob minimisers.

‘‘We don’t like wearing bras, especially push-up bras that make breasts seem bigger. We dearly needed comfortable underwear that facilitated movement and fit in with our lifestyles but there wasn’t any tomboy underwear available for us in the market,’’ said Jean, who quit wearing a brassiere at 16.

To hide their femininity, some tomboys resort to girdles normally worn around the waist. The tight-fitting girdles squash the soft breast and caused skin rashes. Jean was one of the sufferers from this ordeal and that led to the development of Tom Chic underwear.

‘‘Designed for a female physique, the stretch vests are made of a special fabric with spandex that makes them safer and more durable than girdles. They enhance ‘tomdom’ while allowing freedom of movement,’’ said the tomboy entrepreneur.

In its third year,Tom Chic also aims to be a fashion brand, releasing seasonal and limited edition collections with designs in line with global trends. ‘‘Looking at men’s andwomen’s fashion trends, we adapt them to create our own tomboy style,’’ Jean said.


‘‘People often misperceive that we want to be likemen.Wehave a different taste, lifestyle and identity, and so tomboy clothing is different from what men wear.’’

Working tomboys would normally sport a shirt in white, black, dark blue or grey tones while at leisure they would don colourful casual wear. On the outside, they want to look cool and smart by mixing and matching a vest with a shirt or jacket whereas on the inside theymaybe wearing white boxer shorts with a pink trim, to reflect their sweeter side. As the clothing comes in six sizes, from 2S to XXL, both slim and chubby tomboys can look equally as chic.

Interestingly, Tom Chic’s customers now include men and women who buy the vests for sportswear or as body shapers to help flatten the tummy. Today many people still stop at the banner display, not to laugh at it but to take a snap of the gorgeous presenter sporting the stretch vest.

‘‘Our presenter is an internet idol and has a fan club. The stretch vests and boxer shorts have become quite popular and the business is in a growth stage,’’ said Jean.

‘‘By the end of this month, we will be expanding via distributors to every province so tomboys across the country will have access our products and get in style.’



NOTE: The Tom Chic shop is located at The One shopping center in front of Central Lat Phrao. If anyone goes, please let me know so I can make a map. Thanks!