Bangkok's lesbian hot spots

CNNGo reader Ange Molony tells us where to find Bangkok's only two lesbian bars and parties


Finding a gay bar in Bangkok is incredibly easy. But a gay bar exclusively for women? Not so much. Many proudly proclaim that Bangkok has a great LGBT scene, but really, when it comes to venues to dance, drink and mingle, Bangkok is all about the G scene. The boys and their boys. But don't despair, there are a couple of places for us ladies to check out too.

E-Fun. Extreme fun for Ladies

E-fun03_inlineMy pick of the two (yep, there are only two) is E-Fun. It's smack bang in the middle Royal City Avenue and is a neat little place to chill out with your lady pals. The outdoor couches are great for bigger groups and a perfect place to share a bottle of whiskey, down a beer or enjoy a cocktail. It'll set you back 1,800 baht for a bottle of Johnny Red, 100 baht for a bottle of Federbrau and 160 baht for a gin and tonic. You can get away with bringing your male friends to E-Fun -- as long as they remain outside. Inside it's dark but cosy. Table service is efficient and friendly and the international tunes are mixed by the only male in the house (they couldn't find a chick to mix?). At around 11pm, the live music kicks in beginning with an acoustic duo playing Thai pop. As the night gets going, it's not uncommon to see patrons (after a good dose of whiskey) up behind the microphone for some impromptu karaoke.

E-Fun. Extreme fun for Ladies: 21/135-136 Royal City Avenue (Opposite Overture), Bangkok; +66 (0) 8177 78018;; open 8pm-2am


Zeta03_inlineJust up the street is the other all-girl gay club in Bangkok: the longer running Zeta. You will find that your male buddies are not welcome inside and there isn't an outside drinking area for them to wait while you head inside for a dance. So if you're heading to Zeta, leave the blokes at home (or send them to Silom).

Every now and then they'll have a theme night so you might get stung with a 100 baht entrance fee, but it'll get you a beer once you're inside. The drinks are all similar in price to E-Fun and the shelves of half-full whiskey bottles that run the hallway indicate that whiskey is the drink of choice here. You can hold your leftovers on the shelf for your next visit (bottles starting at 1,800 baht). If you arrive too early, you will be outnumbered by wait staff, so time your night so you arrive no earlier than 11pm, push for midnight to be safe. By then, the live band (Mister Sister) will have started pelting out some Thai pop (plus some Gloria Gaynor to keep the handful of foreigners entertained) and the young Thai Tom-Dee crowd will start to pile through the door. It gets crazy busy on weekends, so if heaving crowds in confined spaces is not your thing, you might prefer to stick with E-Fun.

Zeta: 29/67-69 Royal City Avenue, Rama 9 road, Bangkok; +66 (0) 2203 0994; open 8pm-2am

Bangkok Lesbian monthly parties

If you are looking for more than just a boogie on a crowded dance floor, you might want to consider hitting one of the Bangkok Lesbian monthly parties. Cee Webster (an American who has been living in Thailand for almost four years) manages the website and each month she organises a women only party that offers ladies an opportunity to meet and network with like minded Bangkokians. Sign up on the website to receive the latest details about the next event.

Visit for more on the latest parties.


About the author: Ange Molony has called Bangkok home for almost seven years. When she isn't crunching numbers with her high school math students she's playing football, planning her next Asian adventure holiday or thumbing away at her iPhone. You can follow her on twitter at @angemolony.