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TOPIC: What is Farangs' attitude toward Thai women?

What is Farangs' attitude toward Thai women? 6 years 2 months ago #8217

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Just wondering how Farang lesbians think of Thai lesbians because i think it might be slightly or massively different from (most) farang guys living in Thailand do....

Why would you date or would not date them?
and what could be the key for long lasting relationship?

currently together together with farang girlfriend now... so just want to know how most of you think or define Thai women

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What is Farangs' attitude toward Thai women? 6 years 2 months ago #8218

  • roxynemo
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well, i have been in 2 lonher relations with Thai women and have dated a few and have many Thai woman friends and would say it could be some differences of course cause of different culture,religion,upbringings and so on but othervise we been on "same level" The gal i stayed with really long and thought was the love of my life until she was unfaithful to me with another farang gal :( was working for a international insurance company in Bkk and was used to be around farangs and talked perfect English so we could from the beginning understand eachother as my Thai is not so good :blush: when she lived with me in Sweden for a while me and my family thought the only problem was she only wanted to eat Thai food , refused to even try Swedish food haha, but that was just a kind of "cute problem" really :)
I think its not so much differences or problems dating a gal whereever she coming from if just both try to meet "in the middle" and understand eachother . And i think its very interesting and meaningfull to really learn to know another person , thoughts,culture,religion, attitudes, well, the whole "package".
I only think it would be problem to date or fall in love with a Thai woman who can speak no english at all (as i speak very little Thai) and have absolutely no idea about my culture or where i coming from as when im dating or in a relation with a woman its so important for me to be able talk about all and everything and have a gf that is my friend,soulmate..well, to be able share all with and have fun with ..not only sex that so many disgusting farang men seem to go to Asia for :angry:
But as u are in a relation with a farang woman i suppose u and her talk alot of this farang/Thai lesbian woman issues and she give u some answers to this topic?
Wish u and her the best and that it will last forever, me myself is quite happy be single for the moment but who knws what the future will bring here in Sweden or in Thailand later on wherever the gals i might date coming from :)
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