Clubs & Bars

There are currently NO lesbian/female queer bars in Bangkok. Note that being Thailand, any bar you go into is queer-friendly. There are tons of places mentioned on other websites online, note they are all no longer open!

NOTE: Zeta, E-fun, She-bar, Shela, etc are all closed.

LESLA has re-opened a weekly or monthly thing. Please follow them on Facebook as their website is useless most of the time: Lesla's Facebook

Gay boy bars (but women are welcome)

The Balcony

86-88 Silom Soi 4, 02-235-5891

A gay boy's bar. Sometimes lesbians show up.


Silom Soi 4, 02-234-3279

Another large gay boy bar on Silom Soi 4, across from The Balcony. Also fun.

DJ Station

8/6-8 Silom Soi 2

another gay boy bar.